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AT THE Kingfisher Rocktober Fest, a three day rock music festival at the Palace Grounds in Bangalore, I took pictures of people’s band shirts. Thanks to the guys who let me take their pictures – too bad we all had had a couple too many Kingfishers and  I wrote their names down on a napkin I then lost. Sorry.

iron maiden

iron maiden

iron maiden and manowar

iron maiden & manowar



I’m trying document as may of these signs and tee-shirts as possible, but inevitably I see one flashing by when I’m in the back of an auto or when I don’t have my camera.

I take pictures of these signs not because they’re so especially notable in Bangalore but because they’re so very not notable: they’re an integral part of the visual field, normalized –  but, I hazard,  highly symbolically meaningful.

IDENTITI you just got to have it

IDENTITI you just got to have it

This is a store on my street that sells jeans and tee shirts.  You can’t really see the sign on the right but basically both signs together read “IDENTITI you just got to have it.”  I double take every time I walk by because it’s just so…postmodern.

the mobile store

the mobile store

Another favorite near my house – The Mobile Store: Buy a cell phone. Be a rock star.

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  1. Octoberfest was out of control, especially for Bangalore! One of two concerts I attended at Palace Grounds last weekend. I did a short writeup of the weekend on my own blog:

    BTW, we’re neighbors…

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