I have a new mission

AND THE mission is…to go to 20 shows in 20 days here in Bangalore.  I know it’s uber-bloggy to set yourself a coy little undertaking and report on the progress, but I need to get off my butt and see more bands.  Lately my evenings have been chock-a-block filled with languishing, mulling, pining, and generally wasting time. I’ve been missing way too many shows (aside from a couple of great ones at Kyra recently).

I’m not limiting myself by genre or location – I just want to see as wide a variety of rock music as possible, discover some new bands, and get more recordings and a better sense of the scene. Plus it’s nice to go out and meet people.

So here’s the lineup so far, which has some holes in it…well it’s mostly holes at the moment…I’ll be filling it in as I go.

Wednesday March 3rd: Galeej Gurus – who I’ve never actually seen but have heard a lot about – at Hard Rock Cafe, opening for Saving Abel (a band from the U.S. I’ve never heard of, but then my tastes are somewhat puritanical)

Friday March 5th: Lounge Piranha and Parachute XVI at B Flat.  Love these bands.

Saturday March 6th: Saturday Jam at Bangalore Central.  I’ve been to Saturday Jam twice but for some reason there weren’t any bands there either time. Better luck this time.
**And since I’m missing Thursday night due to a prior engagement, on Saturday I’m going to go also to see Chromatix in the evening at Kyra.

Sunday March 7th:  Legends of Rock,  Sunday Night Live Gig.

Wednesday March 10th: Rajeev at Kyra.  Really beautiful voice.  New line-up, I gather.

Thursday March 11th: Parousia at Hard Rock Cafe.  Also heard a lot about these guys and it’s Bryan’s band!

Saturday March 13th: Advaita at Opus at the Creek

Sunday March 14th: Drones from the Turbine at The Live Gig at Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain AND Gowri at Herbs and Spice

Monday March 15th: Bulls Unplugged at Opus

Thursday March 18th: Aum at Hard Rock Cafe

I’m going to try to write  about every show I see,  posting vids, pics and links, with the bands’ permission.

A caveat, though – I’m not a critic or anything and I’m not trying to write reviews of shows.   I’m not really interested in whether a band is “good” or “bad,” though that might sound odd.  I’m  just more interested in the reasons why different people make different kinds of music, and also what reasons people might have for thinking that certain music is “good” or “bad.” There’s a difference, for sure.  It seems obvious, though it’s often overlooked, that when one makes a “good or bad” judgment about music it’s usually a reflection of his or her own tastes, which themselves are often fairly limited and highly subjective (I know mine are) even if one has all the indie cred in the world.  And as ethnomusicologists we’re meant to listen to music on its own terms.  Which is what I’ll be doing at these shows.

If you happen to read this and know of an upcoming show in Bangalore, will you let me know?  Thanks!

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  1. Good Job man, i’m on a similar mission .. im looking looking for heavier stuff though .. metal etc .. hope you’ll include that here ..

    see you around the scene .. your blog is of great help .. keep it up!


    • thanks arvind! come introduce yourself sometime at a show – i have curly light brown hair and wear glasses…as you can see!

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