day 1: galeej gurus at hard rock cafe

Oy. Kingfisher and menthol cigarettes (sorry mom if you’re reading this, I promise I only smoke occasionally) is the devil’s combination. I’m gonna have to pace myself, plainly, if I’m going to make it through 20 shows in 20 days.  Luckily I have just discovered that idly, sambar and filter coffee are an unbelievably good hangover cure.

But anyway, the show!  I’m so glad I went, because Galeej Gurus are so so good live and have amazing stage presence. They describe themselves as not fitting into one particular genre, but they do sound to me like a classic straight-ahead, blues-based, rock band with heavy riffs and a crazy amount of energy.  And they’re really tight and super entertaining.  I can see why they’ve won the recent competition that they did.  To read more about them and their accomplishments go HERE.

I have to say, too, that the Hard Rock Cafe is in a really nice building and I like that raised stage and all, even though the disneyland-like vibe there only really works for me if I’m in the mood for kitsch…which luckily I am quite often.  It’s also a really good place to watch drunken australian girls flirting super-obviously.  Giving whitey a bad name much? I don’t think we really need help with that…

Until I figure out why posting videos to this blog is insanely not working at all, you can see a short video of Galeej Gurus on my Facebook page, HERE.  And sorry about the sound.  I’m working on getting a better rig together.

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