day 3: parachute XVI and lounge piranha at b flat

I FEEL very good right now.  Being at this show – and going to all of these shows – reminds me of a time in my life when going to shows every night and supporting people you liked was just…what you did. Before it became only a weekend thing because you have a day job or a thing where you have to convince your boyfriend to go with you to see a band that he thinks is maddeningly twee and he tries to tell you that you’ll really like a band who do grind-y screeching noise music wearing rat masks (that is a real show I was once persuaded to go to, actually).

I wish wish wish that I had better recording equipment for this because it’s kind of unfair to post videos where you can’t even really hear the sound of the band. But for now it will have to do.  And I screwed up last night and filmed a lot with my new ipod and the sound is complete garbage, so I can’t use those.

Parachute XVI

First off: Parachute –  they can really, SERIOUSLY shred.  They had the crowd eating out of their hand.  Polyrhythmic jams and Faith No More-esque operatic-type serious vocals…I saw them first at Rocktoberfest when I first got here but I had literally just stumbled off the plane and was in a jet-lagged haze, and also that venue was just weird and huge and like a barn.  This show was amazing. I had to crib this little picture from their facebook site as all of mine were just blurs. HERE’S a short video of their performance. And HERE’s their official site.  I didn’t really do them justice in this post at all, because I’m a horrible photographer and videographer…hope they’ll play again soon and I’ll get better shots.

Lounge Piranha

Lounge Piranha, what can I say.  I’m biased because I’ve liked them for a few years now, listened to their demo and album a bunch and I’ve gotten to sit in on a couple of rehearsals, pleasantly curled up and sweating in the corner of the hot little practice room.  There is just something about this band, for me…for one thing they are, like, extremely charismatic.  And diverse! Shoe-gazing or  jangly-dancing, mbira and didgeridoo additions, experimental dark and driving songs or tuneful upbeat melodies…yeah, they have a really interesting vibe. And George’s art (he does all of the band’s stuff and tons of other stuff too)…i’m  enamored.

A couple of really short clips of the show last night HERE and HERE to just give you an idea.  Observe Kamal’s truly rad Shonen Knife tee-shirt (which he made and which I want). You can’t buy chewing gum in Singapore.

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