day 7: rajeev’s wolfpack at kyra

Rajeev's Wolfpack

SO, YEAH, I obviously have failed at the 20 shows in 20 days project…but it’s not totally my fault! I lost my bank card and so was penniless for a few days over the weekend until Charles wired me $…which itself was also for some reason a giant project that took forever.  Anyway, since I’ve already failed at the 20/20 idea I figured I might as well give myself a break and try for 20 shows in 30 days…more realistic especially since some days there aren’t actually any shows, I think.  Something I probably should have realized before I began.

So Kyra.  I enjoy Kyra for all the things that are good about it – the stage, the space, the lights, sound, the drinks and the fact that it has music regularly.  That’s my two cents about it. I’ve been here about 8 times I think, and the waiters are hilarious – they think it’s so funny to try and tell me that I’ve won some kind of prize, like, almost every time I go there.  Which FYI guys, if you’re trying to pull someone’s leg it’s best not to stand in a circle laughing before the joke is actually done, you know? Kind of gives it away.  I have no idea why they think it’s funny but I’m getting to the point that I really do too.


Rajeev, late of band Retronome (who are playing a few times in the next weeks), has a brand-spanking new lineup, called Rajeev’s Wolfpack (link to FB page is HERE) with Ezra Ishmael on bass, Arjun Chandran on guitar and backup vocals, and Jyothis Balakrishnan on drums.  Rajeev, (HERE’S his solo project myspace page) like I’ve said before, has a really good voice, especially for slow ballads – the first time I heard him sing at Jimi’s I recorded myself going “holy crap” on the video, because I was so pleasantly surprised by it.  And also the girl next to me saying “wow he’s really cute.”  Yeah that doesn’t hurt either.  ANYway.  HERE’S a link to a short video clip of one of the two original songs that opened the set – called “Fallen.”

This lineup seems like it’s gonna be really solid – everyone plays really well and Arjun was pretty much wailing on some solos during the set – so classic. See a video of  “I Love Rock and Roll” HERE.  Even though it was a pretty cozy show – the best kind for a first gig with a new lineup – it did get kind of punkrock towards the end with a cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit – a sped-up rollicking crashing cover that seemed real true to the original spirit of the song.

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  1. so 20/30 then, you can do it C!

    • ugh, i’m tired! but persevering. when are you guys playing again?

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