day 10: parousia at hard rock cafe

Naveen Thomas Joseph of Parousia

I’M GOING slowly but surely deaf and it is all the fault of the Hard Rock Cafe.  Why must it be so loud in there?  And why does the sound system for live bands mush every instrument together so it’s like you’re hearing the music from the underside of a waterfall?  These and other questions I was pondering at the Parousia show last night, which was played to a full house – the usual hard rock cafe mixture of buttoned-up guys off work, tourists, metal kids and everybody else.

Parousia played a solid long set of progressive rock covers – virtuouso playing and singing by Ranjit Abraham on vocals, Jason Zacharaiah on keys and vocals, Bryan Richard on bass and vocals,  Jomon on drums and Naveen Thomas Joseph on guitar. HERE’S their myspace.  I guess they haven’t played out in a while, but it didn’t sound like that.  They seem like one of those warhorse-type bands where you could probably ask them to play any song and in like 15 minutes they’d have it down.

Bryan Richard and Jason Zacharaiah of Parousia

I’m exhausted today.  Too many nights going to bed at 2 and waking up at 6, plus a very weird night last night.  So this post is going to be reasonably brief.  In summation: band=so very good. Sound=bad. Crowd=rowdy and happy. So basically a successful show, huh? HERE’S a short video clip.

Okay time to nap. But this weekend! There are so many shows:

Saturday at Opus: An alt-country/americana band called The Golden Manor Medicine Show (that is such an alt-country band name)

Saturday at Opus at the Creek: Advaita, a fusion Hindi band

Saturday at Kyra: Rajeev’s Wolfpack

Sunday at Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain: the Live Gig – no more Drones from the Turbine, but The Bicycle Days are playing with a lot of other bands.

Sunday at Herbs and Spice: Gowri (a wonderful singer/songwriter)

Sunday at Take 5: Retronome

Sunday at Legends of Rock: Blueprint, a “blues and classic rock band.”

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  1. Hey,

    I really like what you’re doing with this blog. I would be very interested to pursue something like the course you’re doing.. That would be like a dream come true.

    Anyway, I was wondering if you could let me know about what time Gowri was playing at Herbs and Spices? I really like her music and I would hate to miss out on her gig.


    • Hey Varun, thanks! Blueprint is at 7:30; Gowri i think 8:00? I’d say if you get there then you definitely won’t miss it…

    • Hi Varun,

      If you like Gowri – do check out – she won this year’s award and will be releasing an album shortly.


  2. Sorry I forgot to add this..

    I also wanted to check out Blueprint.. So let me know what time they’re playing too please.

    Thanks again.

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