day…I don’t even know anymore: live gig; gowri; retronome; blueprint (almost)

WELL I almost achieved the im…plausible…the impractical.  And as it turns out, the impossible.  I tried to see four shows in one day in a town where the doors open at 8:00 and close at 11:00 on the dot.  So I got a sunburn, I subsisted for 10 hours on a unholy roller-coaster of coffee and beer, supplemented by Mojos’ ultra-salty popcorn, and I turned up at the last show of the night just as they were loading the amps out the door  – drat!  But I tried.

Bicycle Days album artwork

Show one:  The Live Gig at Indira Gandhi musical fountain.  Props to Shalini for being my buddy during this first afternoon leg of the jaunt – it was hot, she had to call me three times because I had a hella hard time finding the fountain, but we got to see The Bicycle Days, a second of the Innerskin set and a trio of other metal bands whose names I missed…and a guy playing harmonica.

The Bicycle Days were weird, fun, and interesting…one of the few bands I’ve seen here that use effects, laptops, etc to add to their trippy, jam-y sound.  HERE’S their myspace page. And really, check out these videos:  HERE’S a short video of their Live Gig set, and HERE’S another from the same show. Those clouds of smoke aren’t what you think they are.  I’m gonna write more about them when I see them next, playing with Drones from the Turbine this Friday.

Even though the Live Gig is a great thing – outdoor daytime music in a park mostly always is in my opinion – we had to beat it out of there because we were both dying from thirst…which we slaked through a long afternoon setting the world at rights (as a friend of mine calls drinking and talking philosophically) on Brigade road…then on to Indiranagar for the evening shows, and responsible Shalini off home.

Retronome at Take 5

At Take 5 Retronome were in the middle of their set when I showed up, and I only stayed for a couple of songs since I’m going to their show next week (the 25th at the Hard Rock Cafe) and I’ll write more about them then. Chris was his usual incandescently energetic self!  HERE’S a dark vid of the Take 5 show and HERE’S a link to a short clip of a show at Jimi’s a month or so back.

Gowri at Herbs and Spice

I then dashed down the road to Herbs and Spices to see Gowri, a fabulous singer-songwriter of the pixie variety…she has this clear, bell-like but creamy voice – played Janis Joplin, Joan Baez and the rest original songs.  There seems to be a dearth of singer-songwriters in Bangalore which is a shame…I love that stuff and could go hear Gowri play like every week.

The video I took didn’t come out, but HERE’S a link to a short vid of a show she did at Alliance Francaise a month or so ago – with Gaurav Vaz on bass.  Amazing.

Gowri at Alliance Francaise

So I now have realized once and for all that the weekly Legends of Rock Sunday show begins at 7:30 and ends at 9:00.  For future reference.  Sorry to have missed Blueprint – next time!

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  1. You’re relentless in your quest .. 🙂 .. i’m still reading and attending the few that i can .. who all are playing next week??

  2. wow… such a wonderful post…
    outstanding balance of lines and words….
    Learnt a lot from you….

    visit mine… & plz plz plz post your comments….

    Thank you…

    I’ll be in touch…

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