I was having a straight-up crap week last week for no apparent reason.  And then on Thursday night I grumpily dragged myself off to Furtados for the Metal Meltdown and…it was GREAT.  It instantly cured my bad mood.  I’d forgotten that a metal show – the screaming, the ear-piercing-ness, the headbanging, the moshing, the unadulturated earnestness – could be so refreshingly and cathartically testosteronic (yes that is a word, my computer told me so).

Bands at Metal Meltdown were Blind Image from Chennai, System House 33 and Chronic Phobia from Mumbai, Purple Blood from Trivandrum and local band Kryptos – my favorite! – fronted by the awesome Nolan.  (I got the show lineup from the FB page so if it changed my apologies).  HERE’S a video of Kryptos.  And HERE’S a video of (I think?) Purple Blood.

It was HOT. I mean the bands were and the space was, I was sweaty and was trying to avoid everybody else’s long sweaty flying hair also.  I was surprised that Furtados didn’t mind the (admittedly small and relatively tidy) mosh pit that started in the middle of the store since there were glass walls and hanging instruments all around.  I wanted to be like, ‘settle down kids’ but restrained myself.  HERE’S a video.  And it was so loud that the sound on my camera distorted, sorry.

in the pool at summer storm

Next night was Summer Storm pre-party at Zero G.  I guess it had some behind-the-scenes issues and got way behind schedule, but the idea of having the band on the edge of an empty pool and the mayhem contained within the pool was a good idea.  I’m not gonna lie, the night only seemed to get off the ground sporadically – due I think in part to the issues with scheduling but also due to some of the longest sound-checks known to mankind.  Nothing kills momentum like 20 minute pauses between 25 minute sets.

Despite that I think props are due to the organizer of these two shows: Salman of Infinite Dreams artist management.  It’s not that easy to get shows together with a bunch of bands from all over the place and things can and will always go wrong.  But it’s important that someone cares enough about the scene to try and make shows come off and to make space for local and regional bands to be heard.

And then I didn’t go to the Lamb of God show. But I heard through FB status updates that it was really amazing except for the normal police damping down of the mood. Bloody noses, sprained ankles and voices lost from screaming…a successful metal show.  So glad everyone has now recovered from the bitter disappointment of BSB. Which reminds me…

I have a beef with people (not specifically related to these shows, but generally) for whom everything is “gay” this “fag” that.  What’s the point?  We get it, you’re not gay, and apparently you don’t like gay culture.  Well, since that’s kind of how I feel about straight culture, I’ve decided to start using “hetero”  (as in heterosexual) as an insult.  It shall mean un-ironically square, self-important, macho, banal & uninterestingly retrograde.  Let’s see if I can make it stick!

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  1. read about your ongoing work on -timeout blore?
    thought your study wouldnt be complete without a listening to and conversations with this bangalore band. ministry of blues. have you been to any of their gigs? do !
    they play often at take5, kyra, bflat, opus , and so on.
    the members are all ole time bangaloreans with well established other lives (careers). their lead guitarist is president,himalaya drug co., asia pacific. awesome lead guitarist.
    do check them out….

    • Yeah I’ve seen them a couple of times! Good stuff.

  2. Come and hear us at Take 5 this Saturday, 29th May

  3. Agree with the ‘fag’ end of ur discussion.

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