bye bangalore

WELL, WELL. I seem to have run off in the night, leaving the blog high and dry.  What can I say, it’s a love-hate relationship with this thing.

So…my research period is finished and I left India mid-June, leaving a pile of stuff behind and carting a huge pile of stuff back to Cali – about 25 kilos too much stuff, according to Thai Airlines.  In a misadventure worthy of the sucky-travel hall of fame, the unfeeling desk agents at Bangalore airport (I’m talking to you, Vikram. Thanks so much) dismissed my pleas for leniency and not only charged me a 6500 Rs overage charge for extra baggage (no suprise there) but then coldly and unrelentingly made me unpack all my stuff on the floor of the airport and then fashion a sort of cocoon of cellophane around the extra books, boots, carvings, underclothes, teabags, jewelry, which was then ROLLED by me, much to the amusement of other travelers, back over to the desk. JERKS.

Anyways, home safe and sound, reunited with my long-suffering boyfriend, I’ve spent the last month moving back into my chaotically disorganized apartment, shopping for a new car (being carless in Los Angeles – no me gusta), seeing family and friends and adjusting to being back in glorious, cool and cloudy Cali, while also quietly pining for thalis, autorickshaws, monsoon, fresh coconuts, kingfisher, banyan trees and friends and musicians back in B’lore.

It would be great to be able to do a grand summing-up of my time in Bangalore and my thoughts on the music scene, but I’ve never been one for summations.  I’ve always figured out where my ideas are going as they’re in the process of going there. So I’ll start writing the dissertation that draws from this research in the fall and perhaps one day soon will start to have some (hopefully) intelligent things to say on the topic.

All my thanks and a salutory virtual toast (of Old Monk) to Lounge Piranha, Parachute XVI, Bicycle Days, Kryptos, Wolfpack, Retronome, Galeej Gurus, Thermal and A Quarter, Raghu Dixit Project, Drones from the Turbine, No Safe Word, Demonic Resurrection, Parousia…and Guru, Julia, Abby, Shalini, Ganesh, Ananth, Priya, Bryan, Dhruv, Bushra, Karthik, Chris, Rajeev, Arjun, Vijay, Salman, Sahil, Sowmya, Karan, Nolan, Nathan, Matthew, Gowri, Amrit, Abhi, Avril, George, Kamal, Guarav, Ashish, Rajesh, Divya…every other charming and helpful person I met in India – I couldn’t have asked for a better, more fun and more productive trip.  Thank you so much.

Finally 12 photos of lovely India, unrelated to music:

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